Nourish by CH (Nutrition & Wellbeing) was founded in 2020 by Christina Hall ANutr, and promotes sustainable nutrition support using weight-inclusive approaches. Christina is a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr.) who is enthusiastic about family nutrition and empowering persons through non-diet nutrition.

Christina’s Journey

Originally from Barbados, Christina moved to the U.K in 2018 to pursue her MSc. Human Nutrition. She became an ANutr in early 2020 and was excited to deep-drive into providing person-centred care for all bodies. But the dreaded happened, putting her plans on pause.

Given the love of cooking Christina developed during her preteen years, she initially thought she’d become a chef. But she also enjoyed Chemistry and helping others. Despite completing an internship in Food Chemistry after her bachelor’s, she still felt like something was missing. After a few years of teaching, she realised her passion was supporting families and individuals with their nutrition.

Christina has first-hand experience living in a food-insecure household and the challenges this has on healthy living. She prides herself in providing compassionate, non-diet advice within her practice. She also addresses weight stigma and disordered eating, working with clients to identify and counsel them through these challenges.

Despite Christina’s winding journey, Nourish by CH will be open to clients from January 2022! She can’t wait to welcome you and help you towards your goals!

Weight loss is not equal to health. Health is multifaceted, and no one solution will fit all.

Christina Hall, ANutr.

Blog Disclaimer

Most of our articles are written by Christina Hall, ANutr. All information represented here is evidence-based, often with references provided. Some pieces may showcase the author’s opinions at that point in time. As Nutrition is a dynamic field, we expect the knowledge presented will constantly evolve. However, at the time of writing, we ensure that information is as accurate as possible. This information is not to be substituted for medical advice from your healthcare provider.

While we promote non-diet nutrition, be sure to consult your medical doctor or a dietitian before making changes to your eating habits, especially if you have a chronic disease or other health condition.

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