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The Importance of Carbohydrates in Exercise & Sports Performance

Today’s post is a bit different from what I normally would post about, but I think it’s really important to share the nutrition space with other passionate nutrition professionals. And while I wish I understood Sports Nutrition better, I understand it’s better to be a master of just a few skills, rather than all. Plus how fun is it to learn about other people’s specialties! Today’s contributor is JohnPaul Paganini, an MSc Human Nutrition student majoring in Sports Nutrition who aims to provide evidence-based nutritional advice upon graduation.

Contrary to popular belief, carbohydrates and adequate carbohydrate fuelling is pivotal in sports and exercise. Sports persons and those actively engaged in sports competition ranging from Sunday league players through to elite performance and ultra-marathon athletes have specific nutritional requirements that need to be met from their diet to perform at a competitive level.

Nutrition Advice

No, Not Every Culture Sees Thin As Beautiful. Mine Didn’t.

If you aren’t following me on Instagram, this post may seem a bit strange…March is Nutrition Month, and I’ve decided to share something a bit more personal. I feel like is especially fitting as we all have our struggle with understanding nutrition, past the nutrients we get from food.
I actually found this post really hard to write, because my perfectionist-brain doesn’t want to oversimplify, overcomplicate, or offend anyone. It’s literally been sitting in drafts since November. I asked you guys if you wanted to hear an account of my relationship with food and weight on my IG and you said yes…so here goes! Feedback is welcomed, just be kind with it.