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Hey everyone! I hope you’ve all been doing as good as you can in these challenging times 🤗. I just wanted to quickly check in with you all and let you know I’m still alive, well and still learning. For me, I need to at least stick to a bit of my routine to stay sane. All the news, propaganda and posts about the COVID-19 outbreak have been stressful, so learning has been an essential break from it all. Making me look at online CPD a bit differently now.

As you might have remembered from the first post, I was working on finding my place in the nutrition field, applying to jobs and hoping to get started in this new career. So, with this current crisis, employment has been somewhat placed on pause (even though I am still applying). Although I have been applying for work during the last 2 months, the COVID-19 situation has left a lot of uncertainty worldwide. But I am staying hopeful and keeping up with online CPD, which ironically is the same as pre-Corona. Not having full-time employment can make one very resourceful. Albeit saddening that some events which I was looking forward to will no longer be physically held, fortunately, we have the technology to keep people connected and learning 🙌, despite the lockdowns and curfews.

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That being said, I hope you are finding lots of opportunities to continue to learn and network. I joined a Facebook group for Nutrition graduates in January or February which has been good for networking. And if you haven’t already, make nutrition-related Twitter! This is my profile in case you want to follow. I wish I had done this sooner, like during my degree, but I always thought I was too busy with assessments to go on Twitter 🙄. Make sure you follow the Nutrition Society, Nutrition Talent and AfNutr for updates on CPD activities. Obviously, they’re not going to be every day, but at least it is something more than just reading a textbook or some research articles. Also following the blogs of registered nutritionists and dietitians helps because we can learn so much from each other, and many of the established ones have useful online courses.

I’ve been working on a post about Fats (since 🙈… late February), which has now turned into a series because there was just so much which needed to be covered. Of course, it may seem a bit strange given the current crisis, but I will be trying to keep up with posts because my vision for this website still stands. I want the Nutrition HR to be a useful place to find nutrition information. So please look out for the initial post on Fats this Friday 😁!

I may post some of the food I’ve been making as well since we’re all now be struggling for ideas since the stores are low on some of our staples. But I am by no means a chef or food photographer, so go easy on me, please 😊.

Anyhow, I hope you’re taking all the necessary precautions to avoid Corona virus. And if you do have it, I hope that you’re on the way to recovery 😷. Stay sane everyone!

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