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I’m from an island. Sometimes it does seem like I’m a bit alone out here being a UK-registered associate nutritionist, who is not in the UK.


While the situation around the globe has been causing many of us including myself some worry, I’ve seen a few silver linings to all of this. Every day I am reminded of how God provides ways for us to do what we thought to be difficult.

Recently I’ve been getting more updates from online Nutrition community on both Twitter and Facebook. I am very glad to see that many career development opportunities are moving online, allowing me to participate even if I am miles away. I can now say that after 4 months of attending chats, webinars and journal clubs – and of course individual research – I’m getting a better idea of where I may want to get stuck in as a nutritionist. Yippee!

Christina just being her awkward self
The awkward happy dance

So, I thought I should also share the upcoming activities with you. I’ll try to update the blog with the CPD activities I come across on a weekly or monthly basis. Most of these are free and have AfN Endorsement.

Free CPD with AfN Endorsement

  • The Nutrition Society is having it’s monthly Journal club on the 21st April which is being hosted by the Student Section this time around . Typically, the papers discussed are really thought-provoking. It’s best to read it ahead of the meeting and make notes, since the hour does go by so quickly. The discussions are usually lively. (Free if you’re a Nutrition Society member)
  • Also on 21st April, the AfNutr monthly Twitter chat is also really good for discussion and learning. Try to find out what the topic and questions are early though, so you have a chance to do some research and add to the conversation. This month they’re discussing transferring from an ANutr to a RNutr.
  • On 23rd April, MyNutriWeb is hosting a webinar of sustainable eating without compromise. I’m expecting to learn lots from this, as eating plant-based diets can also be misconstrued to mean some very odd things.
  • The BNF has a webinar coming up on 23rd April on making sense of Nutribabble. I’m expecting it to be very interesting. I remember when I left Barbados to study Nutrition, I was told by a very head-strong person that I should stop eating meat and processed things, and simply eat natural foods. Of course, it’s not as simple as that, and no I haven’t stopped eating any of those things. but that’s for another post.

Other CPD activities

The BNF also has a whole host of learning activities for “Lockdown Learning“. Although these may not be AfN endorsed for CPD hours, they still provide lots of useful information for an early career nutritionist or nutrition students. They also have some online courses, though most are paid. But considering how their Matter of Fat course has inspired me, I think the others may be worth it. They have very comprehensive resources!

And if you’re looking for more nutrition webinars, MyNutriWeb typically has many free ones that you can listen to at your leisure. BONUS – You get a certificate upon completion of the webinars, so they may still add to your ANutr or RNutr portfolio.

Hope this helped! And if you know of any other CPD activities, please comment here or tweet me!

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