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This is an extra short post because I feel like we’ve all learnt lots of wonderful and not-so-great things during the COVID-19 lockdowns including how to make sourdough bread. Here’s just a summary of what stood out to me.

  1. Plan your grocery shopping trips*.
  2. Businesses and services can exist online (and work can be remote).
  3. Some of us can get by on less.
  4. Micro-gardening if you have a small space can be helpful to supporting your nutrition.
  5. Supporting charity goes a long way and is human thing to do.
  6. Politicians need to heed the warnings of the persons doing the ground work.

Most importantly, let’s be caring humans no matter the circumstance! Think about how what you do will affect others and act like how you would want to be treated. Teach your children this so they can pass it onto their children.

*Here’s a little FREEBIE for those of us who have had to lockdown again…

Supermarket tips for lockdown shopping part 1, 2.

Stay safe, wash your hands with soap and wear a mask!

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